Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Ombre Trend (Looking so fun this summer)

 Ombre hair has been my favorite hairstyle trend of 2012-2013. I always thought this kind of hairstyle would make your outfits look more edgier in a way. One tip if you have naturally dark hair, go with the color, blonde. But if you wanna dip dye it pink or any exotic hair color, you are probably going to have to bleach it first or  make your own color dye. It shows you how on this Youtube video:
I just had my hair dyed in ombre style today at an affordable and good parlor in Quezon City, Philippines for only PHP1,900 and a great hair cut for PHP 50. The parlor name is called F Salon and Spa. You all should check it out one day! Many celebrities even ha their hair dyed in ombre style, such as Jessica Alba , Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson, Ashlee Simpson and many more.
There are many ombre clothes these days as well. There has been shorts, high low skirts, tops and dresses this summer! Im loving how those clothes can make your outfits stand out more. This was a huge comeback from Spring 2009. These reminded me of the Tie-dye this Spring/Summer 2013 as seen in the Louis Vuitton fashion show. I love how old turns to new.

Just like these TOPSHOP shorts here are so suitable for the summer and they are the favorite one I own. I got them on sale for only PHP 915. I thought its not a bad price. You can even dip dye these shorts if you have old ones and also do the same with your old tops and dresses.

Also check out this blue and white ombre maxi dress from Forever 21(Link above) Forever 21 has been selling many neon ombre products to keep up with Spring/Summer 2013. They are looking very fun the the hot sun! They will always brighten my day up.

I also am wanting this chiffon shirt so bad. I though it will look adorable with a pretty pink tribal print bandeau inside and a tribal bib necklace.

Even celebrities are rocking ombre dresses on the red carpet. Why not use them for formal or semi formal wear as well?

Peace Out!,

Monica Jin Li Seet (Candyica)

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  1. To participate a formal party you always need a good dress. For me, I love wearing a bandeau dress. It makes me look sexy and it's comfortable.