Sunday, April 14, 2013

The 60's,70's,80's and 90's are back this Spring/Summer 2013

Why not if we can turn old into new? The Spring/summer 2013 trends these days are a huge comeback of the older decades. Read one particular article in Metro Magazine, Philippines (There February 2013 issue).  In almost all the fashion shows, the hairstyles of the models were done in  a 60's beehive style with headbands.  Most of theses pictures are from Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013. I thought the square-checkered prints. Many celebrities like Jessica Alba(Below) are looking so chic in them. I even like how they used escalators in their show! It was very creative. The shapes of the skirts remind me of the dresses Jackie Kennedy wore way back in the 60's. She was one of the greatest style icons back then. Some of the shades in the Moschino fashion shows were from the 60's. Check out their fashion shows on Youtube! They are insanely amazing. This picture of many shades below are a huge comeback from the 60's this summer taken from VOGUE France. The maxi dress from Chanel Spring/summer 2013 is a comeback from the 70's. Loose and long from top to bottom were part of the flower child style of the 1970s.   With the 80's, printed leggings and neon are now a big hit, check out  for a wide range of printed leggings.  The comic print/pop art leggings are looking very unique.  The Ombre, houndstooth, color blocking, plaid and neon are from the 90's. The high waisted jeans and shorts are a popular comeback from the 90's. Check out the styles in the film Clueless!

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Monica Jin Li Seet (Candyica)

Ive also been trend spotting all over the internet and outside as well. So these days, floppy hats with maxi skirts and dresses has been worn by many young women this season. They are also looking good with palazzo pants and jumpsuits. They also have been the trendy outfits for the Coachella Music festival. Such cool boho fashion spotted. All this originated in the 70's. I also enjoyed seeing them in Philippine Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2013. 

 It looks like Twilight saga/Snow White star Kristen Stewart is rocking the Louis Vuitton checked romper from Spring Summer 2013! Its very 60's inspired and edgy too!

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