Friday, April 12, 2013

Pastel Perfect in the Spring

Its still spring time in countries with four seasons in total! Even though there is no spring here in the Philippines, I decided to keep up with Spring/Summer 2013 by wearing this pastel dress I got as a Christmas gift from my lovely cousin from Forever 21. I  hand sewed the studs on the sleeves of this dress. I got the studs from a cheap bracelet I bought at Greenhills Tiangge for only PHP 100. If you have clothes you don't wear too often, then I would suggest doing some DIY and customizing to them rather than replacing them with other edgy garments. I wore the scarab buckle belt to my morning class today while I had a presentation and didn't wanna look too distracting. But when I had a sisterhood reunion with my really good friend, Trix at Eastwood City, I decided to match it with this large pastel flower belt  to stay within the spring florals theme and be a little more louder for a Girls Night Out! Its fun to dress up with your fellow girls! After watching the fashion film, Funny Face, I was inspired to wear pink for almost this role week after hearing the song, "Think Pink this summer" and pink has always been one of my top favorite colors. I decided to go all K-pop today by throwing on a colorful outfit. I love the way K-pop girls dress if its not too revealing. I generally love the fashion in Korea and Japan.

I got this floral belt at a local store in Duomo, Milan, Italy called Nadine for only 14 Euros. Italy is the best place to study design. Especially in Milan! It is one of my favorite cities in Europe. I threw on a bow clip from Forever 21 as well. My purple tights are Taiwanese made (bought at a stall in Taipei, Taiwan at a cheap price) I just love their stores that are just all stockings.

I am wearing floral wayfarers from Forever 21 that I got for only PHP 300. This scarab inspired belt is from It only costed me around PHP 175. The things are pretty affordable there and the delivery just takes only 1 day. 

Happy Spring/Summer!,

Monica Jin Li Seet(Candyica)

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