Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Mustache Trend

It looks like the mustache design trend has been on going since last year. The picture on the left were rings me and my friends bought in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan last year in June. Lots of these rings and mustache print on shirts and cell phone cases are still being sold every where. Even Forever 21 still sells these iPhone 4 cases below. But I honestly think it can be cute and edgy depending what you would wear it with. Just make sure they do not look too manly. Just like I love to wear it with pink and also a feminine blazer. I recently bought a tank top with the mustache design. They actually look cute to wear in the summer especially if they are very bright colored. Speaking of that, I hope you are all having a sun kissed summer here in the Philippines. Boy, its been so hot.

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