Thursday, April 4, 2013

Skulls, Broken Hearts and houndstooth

This is what I wore to school today and a casual dinner with my loving family. Normally Im not a fan of wearing peplum. But I'm alright with them if it has edgy prints like skulls or houndstooth and if I add some leather to it like this collarless Moto jacket. I also decided to add these 3 inch heeled ankle booties since they are my other comfortable heels I have. These are the type of heels I would strongly recommend more if you are going to school or taking long walks. I mixed the prints in this outfit with my skulls top and houndstooth leggings. Sometimes its alright to clash your outfits in a good way, but be sure it doesn't look too messy or disastrous. It looks like houndstooth is a hot trend for the whole of 2013 especially if they were seen in Marc Jacobs Spring/summer 2013 and Dior's fall/winter 2013! Its one of my favorite prints that originated from the 90's.
Here I am wearing a skulls and hearts peplum top I bought from my classmates who took buying principles 1. Their FB page is called Belle Fille.

                                                It was a pretty affordable price and they did a very food job.
                                                       I paired it with this long chain necklace I got as a gift from my cousin from M{phosis, Singapore.
This caged bangle is from Forever 21 for only PHP 300. I thought it was not a bad price for something uniquely designed. So Forever 21 is the destination for affordable unique items. Especially if Korean fashion rocks! I am wearing a Moto jacket from Esprit in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Schipol airport) when it was unexpectedly cold there, needing an emergency jacket. I have already had this for two years and its a garment that will never go out of style. They have one of the best airports in the world, with a mini mall in it.
Here I am wearing houndstooth leggings from Greenhills Tiangge here in the Philippines for only PHP 350. That is the market with the best deals for good quality clothes. I sometimes loves going there for great finds if there is no traffic. I got these convenient ankle wedged booties from Payless Shoe Source at Power Plant Mall for only PHP 1,600. I always have fun there picking out shoes by myself and trying on as many as I can. That is the biggest shoe store I would recommend to go shopping at.

Rock your own style!

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