Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 is coming soon!

Philippine Fashion Week, Holiday 2013 is coming this May. I was really jumpy when I got notified in my inbox yesterday about the countdown starting. I would assume many dark colors used in the collections and chains, houndstooth and leather as well. Those are just my predictions from how I observed what the current trends are and I know what colors are normally used for Holiday or Fall/Winter collections.  So don't be mad.  Go to the website above for more details about Philippine Fashion Week. You can even subscribe for more.  I loved attending the Spring/Summer 2013 show back in October while it was really awesome looking at how creative the designers are. That was the second time Ive ever attended Philippine Fashion Week. I would like to say good luck to the models participating in PHFW and to the designers too!

This has been Monica JL Seet!
"Your Style your identity!"
"If we had no designers and creativity in this world, everything would be so ordinary and boring"-My own quote of the day

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