Sunday, April 28, 2013

Simple and classy chic look 2

Sometimes we need to dress a little bit more simply. I only had enough time to throw on something like this today. To save yourself from a fashion disaster and if your rushing to throw on an outfit, then I would say wear something a little bit more classic and simple like a plain or polo shirt with a cute bib necklace.Match it with a lovely laced skirt. If you put more fancy things together or accessories, then your outfit will look too much. If you are more of the edgy type, add some studs and leather just like how I wore threw these TOPSHOP flats, I bought for only SGD$ 56. You do not need any heels to be fashionable especially if you are already a tall person. I always have to dress more simply for Church to look more appropriate and not too disturbing.

This Rosette bib necklace here was given by one of my loveliest classmates. I don't know where she got it from but I know you can make your own by just buying the chain and the patch from Market! Market!. I matched it with my along sleeved tee from ZARA that I got for only PHP 795. You can get clothing that is very long lasting there. Black tops are always the most convenient while it can go with anything.

I got this laced bubble skirt from Forever 21 for only USD$ 5. If you visit Forever 21 stores located at the outlet malls, you can get deals that are really worth it. I already had this skirt for about 3 years and I still can't believe it lasted. Lace is also very classic while it has been around since the olden days (18th and 19th Century). During that time, they were worn mostly by the royal families. It was pretty much a sign of luxury back then and so was silk.

Enjoy my simple look!
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-Monica JL Seet (Candyica)

"The most convenient outfits are always classic while you don't have to worry about staying in all the time"
-My own quote of the day

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