Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bright Summer colors with lace

I am always in a colorful mood this spring/summer 2013. I decided to look bright today, going to school, while its always been sunny and I am always in the mood of wearing bright colors, while we don't have spring here in the Philippines, so I wear a combination of bright and pastel. I love how the color blocking trend is back, especially if you check out the color blocking chiffon shirts at Forever 21. There also has been a lot of them in Market! Market! (Fashion Market). So what I did today, was match  my indigo blue tank top with my blue green bandeau. There has been many color block wedge sandals with those two colors. I thought color blocking is insanely chic. I just love the contrast of the colors and I am also loving the ombre trend which such great contrast. I decided to throw on a pink chiffon blazer and a black and yellow laced skirt to look more colorful, as I love mixing the colors of my wardrobe.
I got this fuchsia chiffon blazer from Macy's (Material Girl Clothing line) for only USD$10 on sale. That is the best clothing line at Macy's so far. Good job Madonna and her lovely fashionista daughter, Lourdes. I love you both and I really love buying your clothes whenever I am in the USA! 

I am wearing a laced body con skirt from H&M in Singapore for only SGD$19.90. I love to wear black lace due to the fact that its timeless and classic just like how I love leather. Lace has been around for many years ever since the Baroque era. In the olden days it was almost a form of luxury. My neon necklace is also from H&M, given by our lovely family friend in Vegas! 
 I am wearing a spiked bracelet from Forever 21 and a studded bangle from Mango I bought on sale. To keep stick with the mustache trend, I decided to wear this bronze mustache ring I bought for only PHP 30 at Aphora (Search the Facebook page). Thanks to the buying principles students for selling me such nice accessories that are cheap and good and great job making money. Im sure you'll all be good entrepreneurs! I enjoyed being your customer/consumer.

This indigo blue tank top is from Forever 21, Singapore for only SGD$11 and I added a bandeau inside which is from Stradivarius (two for PHP 695) while it is too revealing. This is one way to color block your outfits.
These strappy stilettos are from ALDO outlet in Nuvalli, Laguna Philippines (as mentioned earlier) that only costed me PHP 1,800. The deals are pretty good there. These are not too high and they are so comfy as well.
Monica Seet (Candyica)

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