Thursday, April 11, 2013

Moschino (One of the most colorful and creative brands)
It looks like Moschino is one of the most colorful high end fashion brands ever. If you observe their past and recent fashion shows, various colors and print are seen in their spring/summer and fall/winter collections. I was thinking, they must have such a huge color palette. My favorite collections of theirs are all of them, Moschino, Cheap and Chic and Love Moschino.  I thought it was very creative to use fruits in their spring/summer 2013 collections, while fruits are always suitable for the summer.I am also adoring the pineapple cross body bag and the bustier top below. They are just too cute and I love how color blocking and neon came back this summer. They were also in style last summer. To me, they will always brighten up every summer under the fair sun. It looks like vertical stripes are the main hit these days. I like the bags with stripes on them and the skirt. Even sailor inspired buttons are looking so fabulous this summer. They are being used on high waisted bikinis of many brands. They would totally make you look super chic in the beach. 

The pictures I mostly have here are the Spring/Summer 2013 collections. But the one with the fuchsia fur coat and the moon tee are part of the fall/winter 2013 collection, the colors for that collection are supposed to be dark because those seasons are normally quiet and cold. But I like how they can still make it look colorful using dark colors. The Moschino logo belt above was also used in the Fall/Winter fashion show. It has been a timeless classic belt that has been very popular for a long time. I would love to own that belt someday while it can match with any outfit or fashion piece. I will always adore the brand Moschino, while the colors always make my days better. Click the links above to see more!
Stay sun-kissed this summer!,
Monica Seet (Candyica)

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