Friday, April 19, 2013

Loud in a Barbie World

It seems like Im in the mood of being a 90's kid reflecting on the things I used to like as a little girl such as dressing up and with their dresses always fascinating me the most. Barbie dolls (How I started my fashion addiction). High waisted shorts started in the 90's. Even high waisted jeans were worn all around during the 90's, as seen in the past shows, such as "Clarissa Explains It All". Boy I miss the comedy shows of the 90's. I can see in one of the pictures, that ombre shorts and neon were also a huge hit of the 90's.  Fashion will always come back time after time. "Clueless" is also one of my favorite movies of the 90's. I decided to throw on this loud outfit today to combine it with my new ombre hair and this was all I could think off while I kinda overslept before school. Why not repeat a cool outfit you wore weeks ago, if your too tired to think?? :)

Here I am wearing a Barbie graphic t-shirt from Wal-Mart for only USD$5. They have very affordable graphic tees besides Target. I will always be a Barbie girl while I love fashion and one of my projects in Costume History class involved sewing a Baroque dress on a cheap Barbie doll and I miss that project. As a Fashion Marketing Student at Raffles Design Institute, Manila, I also need to know how designers design clothes for Barbie Dolls. I am addicted to my course as well.
To match the zebra print heart, I threw on this short sleeved cardigan from Wet Seal in California for only USD$10. Ive always been an animal print fan.

I am wearing these TOPSHOP sombre studded shorts I bought for only PHP 913 on sale, as shown in my ombre trend entry. I wore indigo tights with it while these shorts got a little shorter. It can be disturbing if your shorts are almost as short as underwear, so make it look chic by adding stockings or leggings. I got them for only PHP 200 from Promod.
To add a not so loud hair accessory and Im also a fan of fancy headbands, I added this spiked edgy headband I got at Market! Market! for only PHP 150. I am also loving the fad of the spiked/studded headbands. K8 Los Angeles, Power Plant Mall, also has many of them.

One last tip, if your outfit is already very loud, wear, plain shoes with it.

This has been Monica Jin Li Seet!,

"Your Style, Your own identity"

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