Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld (One of my favorite designers)

Karl Lagerfeld will always be one of the fashion designers I'd look up too. I seriously love is collections for Chanel, especially the most recent collection I saw (Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013).I loved the thigh high boots with chains on them. He took over as the chief designer in 1983 after Coco Chanel died at age 87 in 1971. I also love her as much as I love Karl Lagerfeld. She is someone to be remembered especially if she is the one who started the cloache hat. And now we have more modern ones in style. Karl Lagerfeld has great fashion quotes too, especially when it comes to style and what is important in fashion and creativity.
 Ex. "When things become too popular, they are always fading away for something else"
 -Karl Lagerfeld

To me I think this is very true, because popular items are out of stock very easily and they have new stocks.

 Another example: "Everyone has to invent his/her own thing"
 -Karl Lagerfeld
This also makes a lot of sense, while there has been imitations going on all over the world and I feel that we need to be inventive and creative.

Now to what I am wearing: My black and white Karl Lagerfeld portrait tank top is from Androgyne Manila in Market! Market! for only PHP 250. I love shopping for graphic tanks there. You can get as many of the portrait tank tops at such a good deal.

I added this leather sleeved military jacket from Cotton On in Singapore, I got for only SGD$20. The clothes there are very affordable too. It is an awesome casual brand from Australia. I added a Fedora from a store here in the Philippines called People Are People for only PHP 400.

My Neon pink jeans are from Stradivarius, for only PHP 1,200. They are very soft and comfy for the summer. Stradivarius is the best affordable brand from Spain so far.
This caged bangle I am wearing is from Forever 21 for only PHP 300. Its a very convenient trinket to be used for both Casual, Club and Formal. Especially if I am the practical type, I sometimes like to wear items that are used for any occasion so that I don't only use it once or twice and I seldom have any events that are very formal.

I am wearing the same studded belt as shown before that you can get at Hot Topic on sale now a days.

To be comfortable, since I have been wearing heels too much, I am wearing my Spiked loafers from ZARA TRF that only costed me PHP 2,500. The TRF section has really cool edgy flats.

Lots of Love from Monica Jin Li Seet!

"Your Style, Your Identity"

"Your personal style is the way you express yourself" (My Own quote of the day)

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