Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Les Miserables inspired outfits 2 (Cosette)


I found two more Les Miserables inspired outfits when I Google searched for more. I talked about outfits inspired by characters, Eponine and Enjorlas. I even shared a link to the Youtube video about the costume designs for Les Miserables.  As much as I love the movie and the play, Les Miserables, I decided to share these outfits that are Cosette inspired this time.  Cosette is one of my favorite characters  in the play. It was pretty interesting to see her bloom into from a little girl to a beautiful and well attired young lady falling in love with a student named Marius and having a better life under the care of Jean Valjean.
Amanda Seyfried is one of my favorite actresses as well, after seeing her in Mean Girls, Mama Mia and Dear John. She's a great singer too.  Why not walk around dressed like a modern Cosette? I also thought a pair of black stockings would go with the skirts above. These looks are very timeless and classic. Black and white are mostly used in these outfits.
I am digging the peter pan collar as well and the beret. The peter pan collar blouse has been already a long-term fad and they would go well with a laced skirt and stockings. I chose the outfits inspired by Cosette, Eponine and Enjorlas because I thought they are more of my styles that are, Edgy, Classic, loud and boho.
So I am planning to get a long sleeved peter pan collar tee from Forever 21. To shop for any of these pieces, you can go to Forever 21 for anything with the Peter Pan Collar and a very chic Fedora hat.That is the store with one of the most reasonable prices, I go shopping there all the time.
These outfits will be suitable for Spring, Fall and Winter. They can be way too hot for the summer.


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