Saturday, March 23, 2013

Photography class shoot with my original design

 Fashion photography is also a great hobby and this is something I also really love. A special big thank you to Liz for being our model for the day. She is very skilled at posing.
This dress she is wearing is an original design my me. I was inspired by the 2011 movie Black Swan starring Natalie Portman. So I asked our skilled and lovely hair stylist to do a bun and a smokey eyed black make up to suit the theme. I did not want her to have the actual Black Swan make-up because it would be too tough to remove. It was great taking these pictures and editing them in photoshopped, though Im not quite skilled at photoshop.

The hairstyle was used in the actual film while the character is supposed to be a ballerina. The ballet swan lake is supposed to be about the white swan and her sensual twin, the black swan and the prince falls for the wrong girl. I originally had black and white feathers for my art class but I removed them for the shoot to suit more of the Black Swan theme and have a black background.  I felt that Black Swan was a really intense movie and it had a strong effect on me. The main character sometime reminded me of myself when I always had issues at a younger age and I would get night mares very easily.

 This was one great opportunity for me to showcase one of my designs in photography class. My dream is to be a designer to have my own couture or clothing line, especially if I love to sketch dresses and shoes on one side. While my main dream job is to work for any fashion company or magazine.

 The corset detail in front was to make it more seductive in a way that the main character in the movie was pretty crazy. At that time I began with the sketch, I was feeling pretty moody, so I had a lot of intense ideas in my mind then this was the final idea. I design to express myself and I love having my own original ideas and not getting ideas from other designs. I was happy to be learning fashion photography this term. Special thanks to my teacher, Mr. Sven Pfrommer for letting me use his camera.



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