Sunday, March 31, 2013

Neon Easter Bunny

A very Happy Easter Sunday to all!!!
This is the day the Lord has risen! Thank you Lord, Jesus for being our Savior.  Because of you, I will always be courageous and kind. I am very sorry you had to go through all that suffering. Bless me for I have sinned.
A special prayer for Easter Sunday:
 Lord, the resurrection of Your Son
has given us new life and renewed hope.
Help us to live as new people
in pursuit of the Christian ideal.
Grant us wisdom to know what we must do,
the will to want to do it,
the courage to undertake it,
the perseverance to continue to do it,
and the strength to complete it.

While it is the day of Easter, I decided to stay in with the neon summer trends and throw on bunny ears I found in my closet I bought years ago, at Broadway gems, Power Plant mall for only PHP 80. Every kid was wearing them in Bonifacio High Street. You can still be young at heart that way. Easter colors are very cute too and while Im a chocolate lover I also don't mind eating the eggs. Also one practicality tip, if you have black shoes that can go with any outfit, they will also look chic with an Easter outfit. That will save you money and time to get ready in the morning, since I had to attend the 9 AM mass today.
What I threw on today:
I got this mint green triple breasted blazer from Forever 21 for only PHP 1,600. That store is always my destination and my wardrobe is almost all full of Forever 21 garments and accessories.
I paired it with a flourescent pink camisole from Abercrombie that was only USD$9.90.
My neon necklace was given to me from H&M, it is another chic affordable store I would recommend to shop in.

This high waisted Baroque scarf print skirt is also from Forever 21. It was on sale for only PHP 600. Im glad this skirt is not too short. You can still look beautiful without showing too much skin.
To match it, I carried this Juicy Couture hobo bag from T.J Maxx for only USD$79. This is one timeless bag. 
This super convenient Kitty Cat loafers are from a wholesaler in Singapore for only SGD$26. Its fun to shop at wholesalers and its great to trend forecast there too.

Love you lots fashionistas!,


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