Friday, March 29, 2013

A great site to shop for unique fashion pieces like no other

I found this new website on Facebook where you can find very artistic trends. I found all of these photos of fashion pieces that are my very own taste and style. If you look at the photo below of the Marilyn Monroe shorts and bustier, those are surely to die for.  Marilyn Monroe has always been my favorite classic actress. She will always be an unforgettable icon. Its something I have never seen before. The iPhone 4 cases are also very unique and a must have to make your cell phone look so chic and outstanding. The stilettos below are also what I would love to own someday and the American flag pumps are suitable for  fourth of July indoor celebrations. Even Jeffrey Campbell has Lita booties with the American flag print.
 This is a site I recommend to go shopping because I feel that the prices will be very worth it for a lot of stuff like this you can't find in many places.

Heres the URL:

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