Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mix Media

Here is an old photo of myself  back in September before I created this blog. This photo was for my trend forecasting Spring/Summer 2014 project. So to keep with the color rush theme, my friend, Nina helped me a little with the styling. It was really fun styling with her.She was the one who did my make up as well. So thanks to her.  I also love to mix and match outfits in an artistic way. 
Here I am wearing an animal print bustier top from Forever 21. I got it in the USA for only USD$ 11.99. This fringe vest is also from Forever 21 for only USD$ 9 on sale. I will always be a regular customer for that store. The rainbow floral tube top is from ZARA for only PHP 995 from the basic section. These denim distressed shorts are from Macy's for only USD$14 on sale. My exotic sandals are from ALDO for only PHP 800 on sale. Bustier crop tops has been one of the best fads. 
Crop tops and bustiers were originally in style back in the 90's. They were popular with style icons back then such as the Spice Girls, and Britney Spears. 

(c)2012 Nina Villanueva Photography

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