Monday, February 25, 2013

Gone wild in a moderate weather

Hey Guys,
Heres what I would suggest to wear in a weather that is in between hot and cold. This photo was taken by one of my tightest friends, Sydney during our weekend trip to Tagaytay, Philippines. Tagaytay is the coldest province here in the Philippines, so the weather is moderate in summer but in winter it gets very cold. We had so much fun being in the fresh air. These combat boots are suitable for a weather in between hot and cold because leather boots are only good for winter. Either a beret or a really chic beanie will be great to warm your head a little bit more.
I got this dark red faux fur moto jacket at Forever 21 for only USD$14. They have the best edgy affordable clothes. This is good for a cold or moderate weather since its not so thick. 
This Tiger head graphic tee was only PHP 995 from a stall in Power Plant Mall called K8 Los Angeles. It is located near National Book Store. To match it I wore this tiger print beret that I bought for only PHP 200 from NAVA. It is a great local store too. (Located in Power Plant Mall and Market! Market!)
I Tattered these old jeans from MANGO, by myself and hand sewed a leather strap to it. 
These convenient and comfortable combat boots are from Forever 21. They were only USD$ 22. You can wear them anywhere, matching them with any outfit and they will never be out of fashion.
Thats all for today!
Monica Seet
"Your Style, Your identity"

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