Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunrise Sunset

I have another fashion tip for church here. Try to be as chill as possible and respectful when going to church. My get up here was inspired by the Philippine flag since I am proud to be half Filipino. I decided to wear Red, yellow, blue and white.
This was taken at Greenbelt 3 after delicious Japanese lunch with my family at Sugi.
My yellow blazer is from Forever New, Vivo City, Singapore for only SGD$35. It is the best Australian brand so far.
I got this tribal bib necklace from Forever 21 for only PHP 105 at a really good deal.
My Red Skinny Jeans are from MANGO, Vivo City, Singapore for only SGD $ 40.
This convenient Crossbody bag was given by one of my best cousins for Christmas from Singapore.
I am wearing my most simple pair of classic ballet flats. These are always the most long lasting shoes. They were only SGD$ 41 from ALDO, Bugis Junction, Singapore. These are very soft to walk in.

This Bug Ring here is from ALDO at a good deal for only PHP 200. There is currently a sale for shoes and accessories. Check it out now before time runs out.
I have always loved collecting rings since I feel that they are one of the most creative works of art.

Tribal print clothing are also one of my favorite trends of 2012-2013. I got this tribal print blouse for only $10 at Macy's in California last summer. They always have the greatest summer sales. You can get great deals on good quality clothing. Macy's has always been one of the best department stores ever. Its best to shop there during the summer or right after Christmas.


Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

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