Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chanel-Spring/Summer 2013 collection

This is one of the most creative designs. I thought this lego inspired bag is so chic and adorable. Lego has always been one of the most popular children's toys of all time.  Anything around us gives us inspirations. Why not if we can have lego inspired clutches this summer? We can even come up with lego inspired dressed and skirts. This clutch can be used at parties and clubs. It would be fun carrying lego inspired bags around. 

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 Chanel had always been one of the best high end fashion brands. The Lambskin flap bag will always be a timeless accessory. You can keep it and pass it on from one generation to another.
J'adore La Mode! So far this is one of my favorite high end luxury brand.  This all begun in 1909 when the late Coco Chanel had a great taste for elegant women's wear. She started off with the Chanel suits and Coats.  In 1955 she launched the flap bag with metal and leather chains. May we always remember her.

These were taken during Paris Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. They still keep the classic flap bag but have used different colors or multi color. The designs are always very eye catching.

I thought carrying the flap bag in a circle was a creative way to promote your new collection in a show. Especially the white one is my favorite. Looks like Red is the color for this summer. Red has always been used in most shop window displays these days.

I also love the shoes used on the models at the fashion shows. These can be inspired by the Japanese wooden sandals called the Geta as part of the trend with having oriental details. Even the Colors look pretty oriental. The Spring Summer Collection for Prada also had shoes that were something like this.

-Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

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