Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gorgeous edgy Bags for School (Back to School fashion tip, part 2)

 I bought this Kawaii Alice in Wonderland Clock bag from Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan when I was there last June. Street shopping is affordable and unusual at the same time. I am also a fan of the Japanese culture and food.
I am a really huge Kawaii fan too. So I always carry this bag to school. You do not have to carry a high end brand, as we move around in school a lot. Sometimes they can get dirty from pencils, art supplies and pens.
Get some cool earphones that are useful for listening to music while your working.
My pouch attached to this bag has my earphones in it. These Harajuku Lovers were on sale at Courts electronic store in Singapore. They are now on sale at your nearest electronic stores.
This backpack here is from Lesportsac. My Aunt got this for me at only $50. You can grab cute Lesportsac items if they are on sale. This shiney classic backpack will last as long as you take care of it well.
Its best not to overload your bags for school, always carry an extra tote bag, like this long lasting TOPSHOP  tote  below, I bought 4 years ago. Sometimes bags can break very easily or rip.  It is also good to get items that can last long to be environmentally friendly and to save money. 

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