Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monica Jin Li Seet Couture (Designs by me)

These dresses were designed by me and I had them sewn by the tailors. I designed these back in my high school years. Designing is one of my hobbies. It its my dream to have my own couture line, just hiring someone to sew for me.
The dress above made me used some recycled magazines. I sewed the fans to the collars and I even shaped them up. I was inspired by the oriental dresses. Something to look out for in Spring/Summer 2013 as well. Im sure anyone can pull off an oriental dress on the red carpet! The belt I used to hold the skirt was only around 15 Euros at a local store called Nadine in Milan, Italy. I even manually painted the skirt and block printed in it. I have used silk for the top and canvas for the skirt.

As you see the pink and white dress on the right, I was inspired by ruffles used in the dresses for Flamenco dances. This is part of Spring/summer 2013 as well. Why not if we can add this to a red carpet dress? I paired up some Heel- less heels ordered from Lorrein Lara. I got these a good price for these kind of shoes, PHP 2,600. This was designed back in 2010.

This Fuchsia dress below with some pop corn technique,                                  
I was inspired by the 50s skirts normally paired up with a 
conservative top. I thought this could be used for conservative
fashion. The royal wedding was around that time so the small hat
was inspired by British fashion and guest wore various hats
and suits. It also inspired me to pair it with these gloves which only
costed me PHP 200 in Market! Market!.
This purse was from M(phosis in Singapore.

The Studded Houndstooth jacket I designed on the right was inspired by the rock bands I used to like at age 13-15 years old. Studs and houndstooth (which originated from the 1990's) prints are currently a trend for 2012-2013. It all started with London Street fashion. Of Course I would like to thank my model/guy friend, Joshua Daoust for being such a brave model. I also suggested him to wear his own Fedora hat to make himself look more like a Rockstar since that was my inspiration. The fabrics used were cotton and Jina Silk. I just decided to pair it up with simple shoes from a store in Singapore called Bata costed under SGD $50.

This sketch here on the left was for the fuchsia old school inspired dress, Here I have used silk, and ribbons for the materials.

I made this mood board for my design that was inspired by the movie 2011 "Black Swan", starring Natalie Portman. I had a bad mood in October 2011, so this made me create a dress representing negativity. Black Swan was a very dark movie with numerous disturbing scenes, especially when she bled at the end of the film. I also had this dress sewn and I decided to add feathers at the back for the whole theme and wear these long gloves from Market! Market! The corset style was to represent the seductive side of it since I nearly went crazy and Natalie Portman's character was pretty sick herself. I matched it with seductive strapy stilettos from ALDO, which were only around PHP 1,800. These shoes can be used for a semi formal wear. This whole outfit can be used at a Halloween costume party. I'll promise Ill post a Halloweeen fashion tip if I find any pictures.

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