Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Roses on the egde

Love is just too complicated. Im not one of those those single ladies against it. Im not even looking for it. Im just gonna let it surprise me. As always Im not a flirty girl, so I never wear any flirty outfits especially if I think that there are so many jerky guys that I think should go down the drain.

 This is entirely related to the Christmas song by Britney Spears, My Only Wish this year.

hmmm, maybe I just want my love for christmas. Im glad to be able to help and support the designers of my school for the Christmas sale. Im not a shopaholic. Im helping to clear the stuff in the store I work at as a part time fashion advisor.

Ive never bought anything from the store before despite working there for over a year. This was taken by my lovely friend Merilyn. I had great night eating at the Wine Connection, Centerpoint with her having some Paella and red wine. Then we walked around Forever 21.

My leather top is from H&M that I got on sale for only SGD$ 20. I couldn't believe how insanely affordable it was. 
 My Karlito inspired necklace is from Bugis Street that was also SGD$ 20. I love how they have those quirky acrylic necklaces that are seriously worth paying a little bit more than the usual price for jewelry.
This cut out jacket is by one of the Raffles Designers, WEN that I got on sale for only SGD$ 100.  It was the best expensive piece I spent on. 

This new slit maxi skirt is from that I got for only
SGD$ 11.90 at a really good deal.

My Jeffrey Campbell sandals are the MYNT model that I got at a good deal for only
SGD$ 120.

Happy Holidays to you all!,


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