Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You are, what you wear its true

Its true that you really are what you wear Your style your rules! Never listen to anyone who comments too much or who dictates your about your fashion sense. I never listen at all. I just go with my very own style and I don't care how bright my hair color is or whether I want tattoos or not. Normal is just insanely boring. According to one of Lady Gaga's song, "Fashion" there is a line, "You are who you wear it's true" Lady Gaga is one of those I look up to as I always admire her making her own outfits that can be outrageous but she stands out well on stage.

Monochrome is great for F/W2015 especially if your hair is already rainbow colored. It wont look like a hot mess in that way or a fashion disaster.

I got this new turtle neck dress from Forever 21 that was only SGD$ 27. 

My checkered cardigan is from ZALORA (www.zalora.com.sg) that was only SGD$ 29. I love how the clothes there are very unique and affordable. 

More F/W looks to come your way!,


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