Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kitty Love

Meow Meow!! This was the last day of the Spring/Summer season. Wait it feels like its summer everyday in Singapore due to the really hot weather. It was comfortable dressing like this for work and also chic at the same time that I didn't feel so hot and too cold in the mall. This was also very easy to throw on, since I don't have much time to think about what to wear nowadays that I have 2 full day shifts in a row (11 hours each) and Ive also picked up a new hobby in Dragon Boat and Im part of the American Dragons team now which is a great work out that will toughen you up one day. Its also a great environment to make new friends.

 I decided to mix and match my Love Love overalls which I bought as a set with a striped tee with my kitty cat shirt I bought separately. I also decided to tie my hair in a bow as much as Im inspired by Lady Gaga all the time. For a change I decided to wear a brooch on my collar instead of a bib necklace. Cats and dogs will always be my most favorite pets to own along with rabbits and guinea pigs. I have always been an animal lover all my life as I was part of Club Wild back in high school.

These Love Love Overalls with fastens are from SCAPE that I bought in a set for only SGD$ 16. I thought is was a great price for a stunning K-Pop inspired piece. 
My brooch is from TOPSHOP at a buy 1 take 1 deal for SGD$ 13. 

I got my kitty collar shirt from H&M during the SG50 sale for only SGD$ 12.90 (Original S$ 24.95)

This composition book clutch is from Macy's, Valley Fair Mall, San Jose  (Brand: Betsey Johnson) that was at a good deal for only USD$ 48. Thanks to my loving Aunt for making me use her coupons when I was in California back in July. 



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