Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fashion Steps Out 2015-Designers

Fashion Steps out is one of the fashion events that is really a must to go to, due to the creativity of a street runway. I am happy to have attended a street runway show for the first time because I did not have any of these in the Philippines. Im glad to see the fashion industry in Singapore grow fast, with Chanel holding their Cruisewear and Little Black Dress show two years ago.  I also enjoyed Digital Fashion Week being grand. I see out local designers are very skilled and creative.    

Fashion Steps Out has showcased collections by local and international designers for Spring/Summer 2015. They even showcased Sean and Sheila from Raffles College here in Singapore. There collections can be found at the store I work part time at, Raffles Privato, Paragon, 3rd floor.  My favourite local designer is Pauline Ning and as for the international designer, I love Mary Katranzou and Amex.   It was great how they introduced the designers creatively by using balloons and not just a typical screen like many fashion weeks I observe. 

If you see the collection right below, it is easy to tell that Pauline Ning is one fashion leader, using many shaped in her collection, keeping the creativity flowing. I was always impressed by her, once I first saw her collection at Digital Fashion Week back in October.  Ive enjoyed critiquing with my friend about her collection for Marie France Asia.  Even the FOX kids collection was a creative idea, in making the child models carry balloons. That was really cute and will make children a lot less restless.

Mary Katranzou and Ashley Isham also had dashing collections, as much as I loved Mary Katranzou's idea for the leaves on the male models to represent summer which has to do with outdoors mostly. She also used her usual silk and printed all over trademarks.   With Asley Isham the bells in front of the models faces were a great idea with the edgy outfits and just as a decoration. Maybe singers would totally dress like that on stage? I would if I was a Pop musician. 

I have arranged the collections under each balloon with the designers names. Enjoy all of them!
Pauline Ning

Your Style Your rules!
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