Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Twin Leopards

It seems like my pet leopards are still alive after a year of buying these leggings. Im glad they came with me to school today for my Major Studio project and also Strategic Marketing. I guess I've trusted these leopards for a year. They never got old. I love how these leggings don't make anybody follow the trends blindly. Its just all about being yourself. I never shop for anything if there is nothing special about the item. I always think about how unique the products are.

I got this bowler hat with ears from a random stall at Tampines Interchange for only SGD$ 16. 

These platforms are from TOPSHOP for only SGD$ 50 on sale. It was a great price for shoes made in Italy. 

I got this leather and cotton shirt from Banana Republic for only SGD$ 28 on sale. Thanks to my cousin for buying this for me.   
I decided to pair it with an old vest I bought two years ago at Shoe Mart back in Manila. 

My bodychain is from H&M for only SGD$ 19.90

These are the leggings I bought two years ago from Androgyne Manila for only PHP 200, back when I was still in the Philippines. 

Keep rocking and style creatively!,


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