Sunday, January 25, 2015

Colcci Fall/Winter 2015 - Sao Paulo Fashion Week

It looks like a mixture of prints for Fall/Winter 2015. Brazil is starting to become one of the best places for fashion with its large booming economy besides China, The Middle East and many parts of Asia. Brazil has been having great fashion nowadays, with their unique taste for prints especially their active wear brands.  Maybe Id consider working in the fashion industry there in the future? Who knows what might happen?  Id love to go there someday as well as Ive heard that Sao Paulo is like New York City.  I am also a big fan of their art, dance and music.  I also love Brazilian food.

This is one artistic collection with two toned pieces and shimmering boots/oxfords.  I see that these clothing are varying from tropical to outerwear. The gorgeous coats have such good vibrance even if they are the same color.
I see that quite a number of earth colors are used in this collection . They are still styled in an edgy way. The best piece is the red and black fur coat. The contrast is really striking and unique.    

I am also starting to love the fashion in Brazil! 

Stay tuned for more fashion reports!


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