Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Blue Lagoon

Style up your bathing suit in a creative way! Don't just dress in a typical bikini. Find one that is outstanding and also style up with a cover up along with a stunning beaded necklace. It was a really fun time with my family at Blue Lagoon Beach, Illocos, Philippines.
Its actually more comfortable to wear a cover up with your bikini when your out of the water. Wear a tank top over it while your swimming, especially if it gets cold.  

Style up your bikini more with a long dress and palazzo pants if your going to a more luxury resort, like Bali or Boracay.   The places to shop for stylish bikinis are Triangl, Rip Curl, Roxy, Victoria's Secret,  Suiteblanco, PACSUN and Forever 21. I would suggest trying on the swimwear first before buying to see whether it fits you well or not. You don't want your bathing suit to accidentally fall off. You also have to know which style suits your body.

For footwear, bow flipflops, high cut gladiators or metallic Havaianas with a stud on it.  are the best footwear for the sand. Give yourself a nice pedicure to make your feet look nicer in them. Even Jelly sandals from Ipanema, Grendha or Melissa will be fashionable for the sand and sea.  Brazil seriously has great beach fashion, that Id love to go there someday to observe and they also have a growing fashion industry.

 Keep fit all the time to make any style of bathing suit fit your body and also eat clean and healthy. Cut down on Processed and junk food.
 Pilates is the best exercise for your whole body for thigh gaps, toned arms, legs and your abs the most.

But never starve yourself to death, that will just give you obvious ribs.  Just eat more vegetables, tuna and brown rice. Also drink a lot of detox water which is good for your hydration and it will give you curves.

I had so much fun on the trip to Illocos with my family, despite all the long traveling in the van. The beach was pretty cold, although it was fun zip lining over the ocean. It was a beautiful view sliding down. This is one of the must see places just for a day besides from going on a history trip seeing the houses from the Spanish time in the Philippines. Its also something different to see the fast and the furious wind turbines, which are very eco friendly.

I hope you all are having a good Holiday especially if we have no winter in South East Asia, party party on the beach!

I am wearing a fringe bikini from Suiteblanco (SM Aura, Fort Bonifacio Philippines) that I bought for only PHP 1,000. Its a great price for a set. 


I am wearing a long necklace made of Filipino material that I bought for only PHP 150.     This net cover up was my Mothers. I thought it was pretty edgy.  

Hope you all enjoyed my beach fashion tips!
Good luck!

Monica JLL Seet (MONICHIC)

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