Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fashion Leader

City Side Walks, Busy Side Walks, Dressed in holiday Style!
Be a fashion leader for the holidays! Im sure your an think of your own styles and not follow the trends blindly. Don't buy products that everybody owns. Bling up in gold for the holidays as Christmas and New Year is approaching.  I decided to go all gold for the last day of school and to appear nicely for work. I wore a gold Santa hat headband with the outfit at work to stick with the whole holiday theme.

This pullover is from Mango that was only SGD$ 29. The words are stylishly structured.  This lion chain necklace is from Factorie that I got on sale for only SGD$ 4. 

I got this houndstooth midi skirt from H&M for only SGD$ 20 on sale. 

Forever 21 heels: HKD$ 209

Happy Holidays!,


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