Thursday, October 23, 2014

Versace | Spring Summer 2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive


Versace is always well known for its incredible prints that can insanely match well from top to bottom. The side slit is back for the summer looks. The cage style boots are really eye catching and by far the best summer footwear. Its great how designers would feature edgy and minimal footwear at the same time. Its one of the best combinations ever at fashion shows. The matching caged purses are seriously adorable and difficult to find. That is one bag to consider buying when it comes to shopping for expensive bags. The slits are a lot more edgier than last years. So far the zipper at the side of the slit is the best part of the skirt. That will definitely be sold very fast and will be a great outfit for a performance along with a net top and a sleeveless blazer.

The logo used in the printed tops are a really smart idea to represent the brand in a way that it doesn't look too loud and shiny.  Crop tops with blazers are always a great idea, especially if you can't stand the heat in the summer. The tops with holes are also the best tops for the summer ever, stylish and also not so cheap.



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