Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Mode

BOO!!!!  Halloween is next week Friday! Its time to get spooky sassy!  You don't have to be a total slut to dress for a halloween party especially if you take transportations. I will be attending the Halloween event at my school.  So I will be going as a Zombie Playboy Bunny for the scream theme and my Halloween fashion tips for the year will be how not too look slutty as a Playboy Bunny, in order for you not to attract too much attention, whether you are going to a club, school event or a house party. 
If you are going to Universal Studios for Horror Nights, just wear animal or devil horns with a matching outfit, or just wear a SuperMan or Batman logo shirt with a matching skirt and comfortable shoes.   Those can be bought at Wet Seal or H&M
You can also wear cosplay hats  with a lolita dress if  you are an anime lover. (Can be bought at Daiso)  If you are going to Disneyland, just wear a polka dot skirt or a dress with minnie mouse ears.  I did something like that at a club party two years ago.  

 As for me, Id rather be partying on a Halloween night, as much as I have a fear of haunted houses and Im easily claustrophobic.  


To shop for affordable ears, go shopping at Bugis Street or Daiso.  I bought my Playboy bunny ears for only SGD$ 8.90.  Later own, I can totally make my own laced ears, with it once it gets really old. 
You can even get laced ears at H&M which has been and on going trend, followed by the flower crowns.  The costumes cost a lot of money, so I would suggest improvising on your own clothes and wear something that is very wearable. (Look below at the Lolita dresses)  You can even make and sew your own especially if you are a fashion student.  I will just be wearing a tutu style skirt with my Forever 21 leather bustier.  I will be having zombie makeup along with some red paint representing blood. 

I know many of you girls are constantly inspired by Mean Girls and their costumes were really slutty though out the whole film. To make your Means Girls inspired outfits not so provocative, just dress in your mouse, our bunny costumes not too short (nearer to the knees) and don't make them tight from top to bottom. If you are inspired by Gretchen's sexy kitten costume, then just wear leather leggings along with a long sleeves crop top. 

Another trendy idea for your costume, can be a sugar skull from Dia De los Muertos (Day of the Dead) ,A traditional Mexican Holiday. You can just paint your face like a sugar skull and wear your flower crown. Wear a tutu dress with sleeves as a costume.   For some make up tips, search for tutorials on YOUTUBE. 

I made this bow collar below with with a bow ponytail that was only SGD$ 2, bought from DAISO. 

Have a Spooktacular night next week!,


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