Wednesday, October 15, 2014

School fashion tips: Stationary

 I am only on my second week of school after semester break. So I recently went pencil case hunting, trying to replace my old one. Its time to spice up to look cool for school!

If you can style yourself, why not make your stationary stylish as well? This will be great for a fashion school. You don't need to be so brand conscious about your stationary especially if they are so ordinary and expensive.  Be creative and sass up your stationary! Its okay to turn a cosmetic pouch into a pencil case. Cosmetic pouches are even trendier than actual pencil cases from book stores. they are just the same size or make one yourself, using some stiff fabrics.   If you are looking for trendy pencil cases, get a really cute one with chains and badges at Harajuku, Tokyo if you are on holiday in Japan.  You can buy affordable make up cases at Forever 21, Claire's, ICING or ALDO. 

 Just like the cosmetic pouch above with cat ears is from ALDO on clearance sale for only SGD$ 9.90.  As a fashion conscious person, this really caught so much attention from me.    

With the notebooks, Typo has the best deals, you can get two for SGD$ 10 for the large ones or three small ones for SGD$ 10.   (The ones below for example) As much as I love Clueless, Disney and fashion, I decided to get those two at a 2 for SGD$ 10 as I only have two subjects a week for each term.   They also have the coolest pens there as well, especially the lipstick ones that are 3 for SGD$ 5. They were also selling  puffy ones that say Clueless, almost like the one Cher always uses for school and I will never forget the expression, "As If" 

Typo is my most favorite stationary store ever and they even sell other quirky items, like eye masks, phone cases and pillows.  

Quirky and glamourous pens are so fun to write with.You can even get them at Claire's or Icing by Claire's.  

Cosmetic pouch that can be a pencil case. (c)

This is super school cool! (c)

Bought from Typo

Style up and smart up!,


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