Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Fashion School

Its important to wear clothes you can do fashion labor in. I just had my sewing class today and its always not easy but I like what Im doing, so comfort is the important thing in this class. Today I decided to pair a plaid shirt with a graphic tee and a see thru skirt. Its always so fun to pair different pieces. This was one way to tone down this fancy skirt. with cotton shirts or canvas shoes.  I just was afraid of being stared at while going down to get a drink.  I never had a hard time sewing in this outfit because I did not wear that much jewelry. Also make sure you don't wear something that is most likely to accidentally get caught in the thread such as dangling sleeves that are really long.   These days Ive also been pretty tired due to the fact that I gotta pack for Hong Kong Fashion Week in two days which I seriously can't wait to go, so stay tuned for my looks when I get there and what I saw and learned there. I can't wait to see the local brands in Hong Kong as well.

Here I am wearing my plaid flannel shirt which is a Forever 21 export overrun from Greenhills that was only PHP 250 along with my cheap tee that was only PHP 150. 

I am wearing my skirt that I designed and had made for only about PHP 750 or 950. 

These leopard  print oxfords are from Call It Spring that I got for only PHP 1,500 with a gift certificate.  


Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

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