Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Haji Lane

Just a casual New Years Eve at Haji Lane. So I decided not to wear anything too shiny and revealing as in the night we are just going to a casual steam boat restaurant and taking the transportations you don't wanna be noticed at.  My day at Haji Lane/Busgis street was awesome and I really liked the artistic buildings especially the ones with a painted wall. The stores are also uniquely designed with paintings and many other artistic goods such as super cute clothes. I was able to get a pair of studded high waisted shorts for only SGD$ 10. I can't believe that they are seriously just so cheap. To find cheap goods there, you are just going to have to go to the stores that are located upstairs.

Haji Lane is always a must to visit if ever you visit Singapore. This is one of the best tourist spots ever and a place to bond in the night while their are a lot of bars as well. It is also one of Singapore's hippest places ever, so I will be there a lot when I come back here for good in April. I already miss my hometown.   Haji Lane sometimes reminds me of Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles as well with the cute and quirky stores with unique fashion items.  Just take a train to Bugis station and walk across from Bugis Junction and you'll see the sign, Haji Lane.  You must also visit Arab Street because that is the place to buy textiles if you need any and its also a different culture with how they are done.

2013 has been a great year with challenges, ups and downs. I hope you all had a great 2013 and I wish you all the best in 2014 keeping your passions for fashion! My New Years resolution is to be more organized and to handle disappointments better because there will always be a disappointment life.  Stay tuned for a giveaway on my blog when I get back to Manila. (It will be a New Years resolution related question)

I am wearing a sneakers and stripes long sleeved top from Bershka in Singapore for only SGD$ 19.90 on sale.

I decided to pose in my bag my Mom borrowed for the day since I think it matches more and its lighter. I got it at Victoria's Secret for only SGD$ 32. The quality is really strong and its a great brand as well for everything. 

This Romper dress here is from City Plaza, Katong that was only SGD$ 10. 

I am wearing my new hosiery from new look that was only SGD$ 3 on sale. new look is one of my favorite stores from London with very affordable clothes, shoes and accessories. 

Street art <3

Next to mr. button

The best Visual Merchandise display so far. I like how they used the back of the car with the mannequins sitting on it. I love the contrast of the red color scheme. This was for an upstairs store.


Happy 2014!!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

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