Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to stay chic and high tech (Fashion tip of the day)

These days, there has been many fashionable tech accessories with phones, laptops, iPads and tablets. So here I did a DIY of my laptop cover/protector. I just cut out words from old fashion magazines then I used the case to hold all of them. Don't glue them on, because if you want to sell it eventually, it still has to be in good condition.  You can also add cool stickers on your case. For your casing or laptop bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs has the best laptop cases so far, either the Nylon or a neoprene case.  I got mine at Barney's New York Outlet for only USD$ 48.

For your iPhone cases, to be unique you should have one customized by your self or try to find really loud and stylish ones from stores where you can have a cell phone case customized and designed. In Singapore Bugis Junction has a store like that where you can have your iPhone cases customized or in the Philippines, Greenhills Tiangge has the really cute ones that are shiny and also purse shaped cases. H&M and Forever 21 also has the really cute ones for iphone4/5.

I bought this case from a friend that was only PHP 350. 

This moving 3D case here is from H&M in Singapore that was only SGD$ 7.90.  Uniqueness is also very important to me when it comes to shopping. 

Hope you all enjoyed this fashion tip! Try it out!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"To have your own style show who you really are and not anyone else"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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