Saturday, December 21, 2013

Alexander Wang for Beats

Balenciaga's creative director, Alexander Wang just designed for the luxury headphones, Beats. Its looking very precious and gold at the same time! Alexander Wang is also one of my favorite designers and Balenciaga is one of the best brands I love besides from Chanel and Prada. These are the limited edition collections for Beats and I am loving these so far since they are not like any other headphones and so far I like the cases that come with them. The earphones are looking just as fine as the headphones that I wish I can get them but maybe when Im already working.  So far, I think this is one of the best designer collaborations with tech and tech accessories besides Harajuku Lovers for Monster earphones.  I always liked gold and shiny headphones all my life and also they catch my eye.   Black and gold will never go out of style and I think that they are classic and glamorous at the same time that Id love to own the Chanel black and gold flap bag someday when Im stable or maybe Ill get a second hand one that is still in good condition. 

If I honestly had to choose between the headphones and the in-earphones, I would choose the in-earphones because they have more color and they are more lightweight to fit into any kind of bag.  This can be part of tech fashion tips as well. You can still look very chic in these and black and gold matches with any outfit, so you can use this everyday and not worry too much about how well it would match. You can look school cool in these headphones as well while enjoying your music on the bus and while your studying and listening to healthy music (Classical or Dubstep) at the same time.  If your parents won't allow you to have these headphones, then just tell them to make it a birthday and Christmas present at the same time like how I asked for a Balenciaga bag this Christmas/21st birthday.  

For more tech fashion tips, stay tuned for my entry on how to pimp up your MacBooks,Flash Drives and iPhones. 

Stay technology Chic!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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