Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dior Cruise 2014

This is one of the latest news from Dior I received on Youtube.  How can they seriously trend forecast this early? This is the Cruise 2014 collection.  I am loving the high low tops with zippers. They are extremely unique and the dresses are very paradise loving.  I like the collage details on the dresses as well.  One trend forecasting tip for all fashion lovers would be to observe the trends now and the color palette with the colors used in them. Also take a look at the comebacks from the past decades and see how they would evolve.  That was something I learned from a trend forecasting project I had to do for textiles class. We had to predict trends for Spring/Summer 2014.  So what I did was look at the prints now.  So check out the Youtube Video above to the the whole show. Christian Dior is one of the most classy designers and I love their handbags with the Dior key rings on them. They look as classic as the Chanel Flap Bag.  Dior does not only have their Cruise 2014 already, but Moschino has as well. So stay tuned for Moschino Cheap and Chic Cruise 2014 entry.

I thought its very suitable for beach and traveling with the body suit and the high low dresses looking like beach cover ups. It looks like the dresses below can be worn by celebrity millionaires while going on a cruise.  I like how they always use classic black dresses, since they are one of the timeless pieces since the old ages in Hollywood. 

I love how this was worn with skinny jeans and low heels. This is what I shall call edgy and unusual.  You can wear this on a plane for the summer as well. Even the color block dress suit above is so suitable for traveling. Its one comeback from the 1950's. You'll see something like that in the 2008 movie, Revolutionary Road which is set in the 50's.    I hope you all enjoyed this fashion news report. Enjoy the video and subscribe to Dior's Youtube Channel. 

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