Saturday, April 6, 2013

One of the best Filipino designers for gowns (Francis Libiran)

Filipino designer, Francis Libiran is already topping Hollywoods a-list after Rajo Laurel. Again this adds to the tourism quote "Its More Fun in The Philippines" Filipino gown designers are rocking my style especially if Filipinos are naturally born creative and talented. This also makes me proud to be half Filipino.
 He designs evening and wedding gowns and suits for men. His designs for evening gowns are not so typical, especially this cute and edgy one that Tyra Banks wore to the 4th annual Blossom Ball last year. I would seriously wear this dress to a ball if I have one to attend. I like the see-thru chiffon and a bottom while the tube body con part of the dress is tight. A mixture of loose and tight is the best. His designs constantly has a loose chiffon skirt at the bottom of the dresses. Look way at the bottom for more. Click the two links for celebrities,bridal and gowns above as well for his official site and his collections.

I am also in love with his Hello Kitty display collection. I have a lot of love for creative fashion and using recycled items on dresses for costumes, especially if I have created some designs like this in art before by sewing objects made out of recycled magazine.

These Hello Kitty dresses also look super cute and kawaii. Im sure Harajuku cosplayers would love to wear these especially if one of them looks like a Kimono (National costume of Japan) and one of them looks like a Lolita Anime dress.

I think the celebrity who would be best suited for these Hello Kitty dresses would be Lady Gaga while she is a huge fan of crazy funky outfits for the stage.  Her totally cool heel-less heels would be so well suited with these dresses. Or maybe it'll look great for a Halloween party? You never know, maybe these kind garments can be for futuristic fashion. These models from America's Next Top Model are sure pulling them off well.

Stay cool and funky!

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