Saturday, April 6, 2013

Classic,Chic and Simple

I was in such a rush to get ready in the morning today for a morning mass, so I just had to throw on something simple. Im glad I found this butterfly sleeved top and this super cool skinny pants with side zipper pockets. This is one tip I'd like to give if you only have time to throw on something simple, so that you don't mismatch or wear outfits that are out of style. Just throw on some classic colors, a fancy top and skinny pants. So I combined black and gold together while they are very classic. Chanel always used black and gold as symbols of classic and luxury, especially if many pieces in their brand never fade away. These pants are very thinned material that it is so suitable for the hot weather unlike jeans. I only went to church today and didn't go anywhere else.
I am wearing a pair of European style sunglasses, I got at a cheap stall from Venice, Italy when I needed them for emergency after mine broke. They only costed me 14 Euros. I really like to wear Italian designs. They are good with any kind of designs, like fashion, interior and architecture.

I got this butterfly sleeved Tainted Love graphic tee for only USD$6 at H&M at one of the outlets in Anaheim, California. I love it when H&M goes on sale because the prices are very worth it for fashion items like no other. H&M is my other favorite cheap clothes store next to Forever 21.

 This zebra print cross body bag is from Michael Kors at Camarillo outlet mall near Los Angeles, CA for only USD$70. Michael Kors has really great leather goods asides from Coach. Michael Kors was a really great drop out from one of my dream schools, Fashion Institute Of Technology in NYC. If you go to the outlets for both, you can get leather goods for under USD$100.
Below, I am wearing skinny sided zipper pants from the same Michael Kors outlet for only USD$30. These are very classic and convenient while I don't perspire much in the hot weather here in the Philippines.

These leopard print flats on the left are from Aerosoles outlet in Nuvalli, Laguna Philippines for only PHP 1,800. I thought its not a bad price for shoes that are extremely soft and easy to walk faster in. Normally they would cost around PHP 2,000 and up. Lastly to add shoes to a simple look would be, printed flats like these or some fierce stilettos like the Jeffrey Campbell Litas.
Love from,

Monica S. (Candyica)

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