Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A lover of Starbucks

I am a lover of drinking Starbucks. I even own the 2013 planner, while I was very loyal during the Holidays. They have the tastiest coffee and the coolest travel tumblers. It is also a peaceful coffee joint to study in. It also has been one of my hang out spots with my friends and family. As much as I love Starbucks, I decided to throw on this Starbucks graphic tee with my brand new Houndstooth leggings (The ones you've seen in the previous post for only PHP 300 from Greenhills Tiangge) worn for the second time and a DIY leather jacket while I had to go out to buy school supplies.  If you wanna make your graphic t-shirt not look too ordinary, then add a printed cardigan or a leather jacket with it. To have more fun with your outfits, why not add some matching eye make-up to it? But make sure it is not too dark. I mixed green and gold eye shadow to match my shirt. In fashion you also need to be know what kind of makeup goes with your outfits.

I got this Starbucks graphic tee for only PHP 200 at Greenhills Tiangge. They have the best cheap graphic tees you can get there. They even have a wide selection. It is also one of my favorite bargain areas to shop in while Im currently on a budget. I paired it with my DIY leather jacket. I hand sewed the studs on the collar while I was bored. 

I went to a very large mall today, so I threw on these edgy and strappy Mary Janes from TOPSHOP in Singapore for only SGD$ 56. They are extremely comfy to take long walks in and secure your feet very well with the straps.  I hope you all have fun mixing and matching your casual outfits!

-Monica Jin Li Seet (Candyica)

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