Saturday, March 2, 2013

Edgy Romance

Pastel is hot this spring/ summer 2013. While I am not the type who would wear flirtatious looks, I decided to add a vest, net gloves and leather to this pastel dress I got as a high school graduation present from my aunt. This dress was from Robinsons Galleria department store. It is one of the cheapest department stores. My houndstooth rose hair accent is also a present from my aunt. 
These net gloves are only PHP 100 from Market! Market! You can just buy the fabric and make your own to save money. The reason why I added these accessories was because I am inspired by British fashion with all sorts of cute hats and gloves worn at a garden tea party.

This vest was only PHP 600 on sale from a local store here in the Philippines called Kascheica. The clothes are casual and elegant at the same time.

My detachable collar is only PHP 200 from a local boutique in Power Plant Mall called Trunk Show. It is also one of the best edgiest local stores.

I got these spiked loafers at ZARA for only PHP 2,500. ZARA has one of the best edgy collections. It is one of my destinations to shop. 

Since I am forced to be practical while I am not working yet, but I love to be fashionable and I can't live without fashion, I mix and match everything I already have in my wardrobe. 
Hope you keep updated with Spring/Summer 2013!

-Monica Seet

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