Monday, March 18, 2013

Dior Autum/Winter 2013

This ready to wear collection Autum/Winter 2013 is grand. I always love Dior. It looks like houndstooth and leather are a hit. Im glad I owned leather items and three houndstooth items before the Autum/Winter 2013 fashion shows.
I love these houndstooth dress on the left, so classy and edgy at the same time. I also love the leather trench coat above. Id totally wear that with a cute belt with a metal buckle, stockings and high heeled boots.
The houndstooth romper with a maxi skirt is such a beastly design. This will be something I own one day and Id pick that out for a celebrity if I were a personal shopper.   It is great how they matched the curved wedged shoes with the outfits. Looks like that is one of the hottest trends. I love Heel less heels, I always thought they were artistic.
The fashion show setups in Paris Fashion Week is always so artistically unique and grand. I love the large decorations in between the runways. Sometimes I wonder how can the models manage to walk in that kind of runway.
Christian Dior will always be a classic high end brand next to Chanel. Black and White are the colors to match with anything.


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