Saturday, February 2, 2013

Casual Chic wear

Bonjour Mes amis!!,

My casual entry is finally here! I found these photos taken months ago like last summer. The picture on the left is me at Universal Studios Hollywood last June. The picture on the right is one of my tightest friends from High school, Aki. Thanks to her for letting me use her picture since I miss her so much.  I have some tips on how to still look chic and edgy if you need to dress casually going to a certain area and when you need to be comfortable enough to move around in like a gigantic mall, a concert, an outdoor event in the drum or an amusement park. And also if your wearing a crop top, wear a thin tank top underneath in order for you not to look too slutty. To accessorize don't wear any expensive trinkets or carry an expensive purse.                                                                                            
What my friend Aki is wearing here is a cute and casual get up. You can also wear this kind of outfit to school to look smart. She is currently wearing a navy jacket and a red tank from Uniqlo. It is one of the most successful Japanese brands. Her skirt-like shorts(Skort) is from one of the cheap stores in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.  Her casual black heels are from Landmark department store, Philippines. You can get cheap shoes from there besides Shoe Mart. Her hobo bag is from there too and it can make an appropriate school bag. You can dress like this when going to a fun fair or any outdoor events. But add some heels if your watching an opera. This was taken when She and I went to watch a comedic opera at the CCP Theater in Manila.
I really thought this was a cute way of not trying too hard but being very well attired and not looking so sloppy. Thats what is important. Since Im into fashion cultures all over the world, my opinion on this get up is a Casual and feminine Japanese style. I know that their style colors are mostly pastel pretty with low heels.
Right below is a get up I put together when I went to                        
Universal Studios Hollywood.
I got this Fringe top from K8 Los Angeles, for
PHP 1,090.
These timeless denim shorts are from Macy's for only
My fringe purse is from Market! Market!, Philippines
for only PHP 300 at the Tiangge, Fashion Market.
My Gladiator boots sandals are from Janylin in Market! Market! for only PHP400.
Janylin is one of the best Filipino shoe brands.
This is a theme park fashion tip to look cute at the same time
comfortable riding the rides.
 This photo on the right is another theme park fashion tip that was taken at Universal Studios Singapore in December. It also was very comfortable and easy to walk around in. I am wearing a Golden Anchor dress top from F&X for only PHP 700. My colorful exotic sandals are from ALDO on sale for only PHP 800.
 Its also useful for the beach, I had to wear a bathing suit under because they had more water rides and partly rained.
Hope you all got it!
Loves from,
Monica Seet

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