Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Your own jeans

Here I have the front and back of the jeans I distressed myself. I feel much more comfortable in them. I got the black strap from a cross body bag that ripped apart. So I had this idea. Its fun scavenger hunting around your closet and finding old clothes/ accessories to distress and use as clothes details?
Distressing your old clothes is also a good way to release your anger and stressed. Im struggling to adjust to tougher subjects this term, so I needed to do this as a hobby.
My advice to easily stressed or hot tempered people are not to cut yourself and also don't take it out on others who didn't do anything wrong to you. I would suggest to take it out more on your old clothes. (DIY activity).
These skinny jeans are from Mango and they are not new anymore. So I kinda thought they were too plain, so I  decided to distress them and add some leatherette to it. Since I am a fan of pleather clothing and belts.

Good luck with doing your own!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)
If we currently have distressed tights/ leggings why not if we can have jeans like this and chains and leather attached to it? We had the hip chain trend back in 2004. So why not if we can have one sewn to the pants itself?

This is a pair I bought in Market! Market! (fashion market) for only PHP 180.

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