Monday, December 8, 2014

Final presentation

Its already Christmas break in two weeks time! So for now do your final projects well, then you'll be rewarded rest for Christmas Break week! You can achieve! Its only one more semester left anyways. Hang in there.

 You know you have to keep an eye on your work for now. My #OOTD fashion tips of the day are how to be comfortable for presentation days (Suitable to take transportations and at the same time stylish and appropriate. Today I decided to wear a pull over with a collar shirt underneath, along with dress pants and buckle shoes.

These new dress pants are from New Look that I got on sale for only SGD$ 19.  They can be used for everyday or office wear. 

These buckle shoes are from New Look as well for only SGD$ 29.90 on sale.  A lot of comfort is improved in these shoes.


Monica JLL Seet (MONICHIC)

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