Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hot Lips

Kiss me! K-K-Kiss Me!!! Ive always thought pop art lips are so cute and animated. I just wanted to try a new style with a crop top and a high low body con. I wore this top with a tank underneath when I went to school today and carried a larger bag. Then when I went out to dinner with my family, I just wore this crop top by itself and carried my mini lips clutch. It can be pretty creepy to show so much skin in my school location since its not a respectful environment if you go out of the building.  It was fun carrying a matching lips bag with a lips top. I just like to style accessories that match with prints on your clothes.  Its like you have a certain theme of the day.

My theme for the day was Hot Lips. I was also inspired by the musical, The Rocky Horror Picture show as much as I love musicals especially the rock and roll ones. The symbol for the show is something like this as well. While Valentines Day is coming, I decided to stick with the red color scheme and also for Chinese New Year.

I got this crop top from Forever 21 in Hong Kong for only HKD$ 80. That is one of the cheapest Forever 21's Ive been to. 

My bib necklace is from my own line, Candyica that I was only selling for PHP 150. 

This lips clutch is a free gift from Maybelline after I bought make up. 

This high low body con is from Tomato that was only PHP 600. Its such a great price for a skirt like this and Tomato has the best edgy designs.  

These red platforms are DAS 14 that I bought online for PHP 1,750 at They have such a wide range of artistic platforms. 

Lots of Love,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Mix and Match, Spend less"
-My Own fashion quote of the day

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