Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Awkward Diva

We are all awkward in our own ways! So here is one of my cool and quirky outfits I wear to school while I am a fashion marketing student. If you wanna dress like this, I would say Tokyo, Taipei or London would be the best places since they are more well known for their street wear and their are a lot of quirky fashionistas in Harajuku, Tokyo.  Don't dress like this if your going to malls if you don't want to be too noticed. Its alright if your going to a fashion school and everyone understands the concept of style in fashion school. Rebellious artists won't mind looking at quirky outfits.

This long sleeved graphic tee is from ADORA, Greenbelt 5. It costs around PHP 1,600. But I was lucky I got an ADORA gift card as a gift.  This is the most expensive graphic tee I have.

My denim white vest is from Mango outlet in Barcelona, Spain. It only costed my 4 Euros.

I am wearing distressed leggings from Market! Market! (Fashion Market). I got them for only PHP 180. You can get affordable leg wear at a good price from that section.
Hope you all enjoyed my awkward entry.

Keep On Styling
Fashion will always be fashion,

Monica Seet

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