Thursday, February 7, 2013

Disney Never Dies

It seems like everyone will be forever a Disney kid and I am one of them. These pictures were taken at Tokyo Disney Sea during my trip to Japan last June. Its such a cute Japanese style Disney theme park. Its not like any other.

I love the way the young girls in Tokyo dressed for the Disney theme pairing it up with high socks and mid heels or flats. They seriously keep up with the cute Lolita style. And you can still be comfortable riding the rides. I also blended in and kept up with the adorable Disney theme. They even know how to match it with their uniforms after school. I really love the fashion culture in Japan. Its very original and cute.

I wore this bracelet I got as a gift and I wore thigh high pink socks I bought in Market! Market! for only PHP 200.
I bought the Minnie Mouse Ears at Disney Sea itself. They ended up being useful for a costume party! I paired the theme park outfit with oxfords from Greenhills for only PHP 700. They are so comfortable.

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